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Welcome to the website of "Mirograd"!

The company "Mirograd was founded April 12, 2000. 10 years ago, the company's activity was limited to installation of plastic windows and glazed balconies. It was then initiated the formation of a network branded trade showrooms, located in Novosibirsk, in satellite towns and Berdsk Iskitim.

Then the scope of activities has expanded - in the range of the company first appeared steel door, protective shutters and office partitions, then the automatic gates and barriers, which then were added for automatic gates, chain barriers and other access systems.

Later it became a serious complement another area of the company - equipment for optimizing the loading and unloading: levellers (levelers), dock openings (dock shelters), mobile ramps and other reloading system.

 Currently the company is developing advanced systems fencing areas of European class - panel fences and barriers.

Over 10 years of experience in the construction market has formed team capable of solving complex technical and organizational tasks to gain experience and sufficient means of self-organization equipped with modern production equipment. Has accumulated invaluable experience in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of modern building envelopes.

Today "Mirograd" offers the widest range of engineering solutions designed for arrangement of different objects and territories: 

All at affordable prices and in no time!

Direct delivery and its own production, fast and flexible approach to each client ensure recognition of the company. This is confirmed by an extensive dealer network: to date it has covered three of the Federal District from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean and is constantly increasing number of partners. Cornerstone for further development - the release of products demanded by the market.

The priority factors in working with the customer always has been and remains a high quality product, an integrated approach to service and reasonable prices. In addition, we pay great attention to warranty and post warranty maintenance of equipment installed by us. Separate proposal and the special conditions provided for construction companies and dealers.

On our site you can read the description of the products we offer, to learn the characteristics and prices to choose the most suitable solution based on the cost structure and your wishes.

Under Contact you will find the address of your nearest showroom company. You can also use the telephone or email. Convenient services sign up for stood and advicewith which you can specify the details of your design for future accurate calculations and to get answers to all your questions.

Round table window manufacturers Novosibirsk
Sectional garage doors "ZAIGER" gained a number of design changes, and once again emphasized their European roots
New payment New payment
Now in any office of "Mirograd" you can pay by credit card Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club.
The exhibition "Cottage 2011. Low-rise building construction. " The exhibition "Cottage 2011. Low-rise building construction. "
From 4 to 6 May 2011 in Novosibirsk, held a regional specialized exhibition "Cottage 2011. Low-rise Building ".
Company Mirograd celebrates 11 years! Company Mirograd celebrates 11 years!
With each passing year only augment their expertise and professionalism in the field of manufacturing and assembling frame structures.
NEW! Individual design of the barrier NEW! Individual design of the barrier
The company "Mirograd is pleased to announce a new service - the individual design of automatic gates.
Mirograd - the industry leader! Mirograd - the industry leader!
Leading position of "Mirograd" on the results of the 2010 confirmed officially.
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