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CAME KIT VER 700-2,25

Drives CAME series VER equipped with engines operating voltage 24 V, which ensures their safety and long life operation.

It is possible to install inside the drive battery backup power supply and motherboard are used to open the gate in case of power failure.

Completely safe equipment.

The control unit supplies low voltage to the motor and other devices. Allows for a stop or reverse the gate if it detects an obstacle.

The build system block "drive - Guides extremely easy and fast.

The guides are produced in several versions, fully prepared for installation. Comes with several modifications for the automatic gates of different heights.


Power supply,
Motor power supply, V
= 24
Maximum power consumption, W
Tractive force, N
Linear velocity, m / min
Maximum height of the gate
Intensity of use,%
Protection class, IP
Temperature range of C
-20 / +55


CAME KIT VER 700-2,25
14 834 RUR 
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