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Care set for windows " Mirograd "

1) Cleaner plastic profile (cleaner, surfactant, corrosion inhibitor, water, preservative, dye). After removing the surface dust and dirt with aqueous normal non-abrasive cleanser with a sponge or soft cloth rag (do not use scratchy wool), apply cleaner, plastic profile on the profile surface and wipe with a dry cloth.

2) Silicone grease. To extend the life of the rubber seals should be twice a year to clean them from dirt and wipe the silicone oil.  Apply a small amount of tissue with silicone grease and treat the surface of rubber seal.

 3) Mineral oil with corrosion and antioxidant additive. To increase the quality of life and functioning of metal accessories should be at least twice a year, lubricate the   mineral oil m all its moving parts.

Care set windows "Mirograd"
320 RUR 
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