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The drive is designed for installation on domestic sliding gates with maximum weight900 kg. In the case of power failure provided the ability to manually unlock the drive. To protect against dust and moisture built-in control unit is closed airtight plastic lid.
A fully electronic setting of all operating modes.
For the convenience of setting the digital display.
Equipped with a rotating plate, which greatly facilitates the connection of the drive.
Mechanical limit switches.
Release mechanism is protected from moisture.
Mounting the drive closed decorative cover.

The kit includes:
- Drive 741 with built-in control unit 740D
- Toothed Rack 30h12 M4 - 4m
- The lamp indicator 220
- Photovoltaics (receiver, transmitter) 20m
- Key-switch (note)
- Receiver 868 MHz (vstraevaemy) with integrated antenna

Power supply,
~ 220
Max. power consumption, W
Tractive force, N
Linear velocity, m / min.
Maximum gate weight, kg
Intensity of use,%
Protection class, IP
Temperature range of C
-20 / +55

Actuator for sliding gates FAAC 741 KIT
19 236 RUR 
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