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Apply for installation in industrial and domestic sliding gates with great intensity of use , with the weight of the gate can be1800 kg.
Actuators FAAC 746, 844 are manufactured using the technology of "oil bath, which ensures excellent cooling of the engine and greatly improves the operational performance of the drive.
Equipped with a contactless limit switches.
Convenient digital display for setting the drive functions.
Electronic and mechanical traction control restrictions.
Protection of the motor and gearbox for jamming the door.

The kit includes:
- Drive 746 in oil bath with built-in control unit.
- Mounting base
- Toothed Rack 30h12 M4 - 4m
- The lamp indicator 220
- Photovoltaics (receiver, transmitter) 20m
- Key-switch (note)
- Receiver 868 MHz (vstraevaemy) with integrated antenna

Power supply,
~ 220
Max. power consumption, W
Tractive force, N
Linear velocity, m / min.
Maximum gate weight, kg
Intensity of use,%
Protection class, IP
Temperature range of C
-20 / +55

Actuator for sliding gates FAAC 746 ER KIT
23 425 RUR 
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