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These drives are a continuation of line automation DoorHan and have traditional good qualities - simplicity and reliability. Sliding actuator 1300 is used for any residential and commercial sliding gates weighing up to 1300 kg. 
Features of actuators:
- Specially designed for operation in Russian conditions and meet all European and Russian standards of quality;
- Modern technology "oil bath ensures stable operation under all climatic conditions;
- To ensure reliable performance in industrial gear units worm model uses a pair of steel-bronze;
- Intuitive interface with indication of the gate and error;
- In the closed position, the gate drive performs the function of the lock;
- In the absence of electricity drive can be disengaged to move the gate manually.
The drives are:
- Gearbox and engine oil sump;
- Protection against overheating +125 º C;
- Non-contact limit switches;
- The ability to control any remote;
- Built-in control unit included.

The kit includes:
- Drive SLIDING-1300 with built-bl. Ex. FAAC and BUILT. Receiver.
- Toothed Rack 30h12 M4 - 4m
- The lamp indicator 220 with internal antenna
- Photovoltaics (receiver, transmitter) 25m
- Key-switch (note)

Power supply,

~ 220

Max. power consumption, W


Tractive force, N


Linear velocity, m / min.


Maximum gate weight, kg


Intensity of use,%


Protection class, IP


Temperature range of C

-40 / +55

DoorHan   Sliding 1300
14 430 RUR 
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