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Automatic gates

Automatic gate - a movable fencing design, equipped with electric drive, control unit and system of accessing vehicles. All models of the gates may be supplemented by accessories, realizing the possibilities of integrated security.

Kinds of automatic gate

Room conventional modern electric gates with electronic control unit turns them into high tech intelligent execution unit, fully integrated into the overall access control system, safety and livelihood of the object. And if, for domestic use automated gates - is first and foremost, comfort and safety, for industrial applications in addition also increased productivity, and sometimes direct technological necessity.

There are many types of gates that can be classified according to different parameters.

The place of use is most often isolated two types: the garage and the street gate. Garage doors are designed for organizations of arrival of vehicles in the closed premises: garages, car washes, service stations, warehouses, shops, etc.

Street or, as they are called, gates often are installed in an opening intaking fence. Thus, street gates are movable part of the fence, designed to solve the problem of access control of vehicles on any stand-alone plot, such territory the industrial facility, warehouse, home services, etc.

By way of motion when opening and filling linens, automatic garage doors are divided into:
- Sectional,
- Roller and
- Tilt-up,
and street-gates - to:
- Double and
- Sliding gate.

Naturally, the classification is quite arbitrary and can always find examples that do not meet the accepted conventions. Sometimes, for convenience of classification must close our eyes to some inconsistencies, such as swing gates referred us to the street, although in reality they have more universal application.

Sectional Doors are the most common type of automatic garage doors. Canvas Sectional doors are made of horizontal sections. Most-section blade made of sandwich panels filled with polyurethane foam. Possible to make a sectional door with a wicket and / or Review windows. The surface of the sandwich panels can be zadekorirovana under a tree. In a separate subtype can be distinguished panoramic doors, sections of which are made of transparent acrylic (ratio of glazing to 90%), framed with aluminum profiles.

Roller doors (Rolvorota) like shutters: when you open it contracted to roll over the opening. Door leaf can be made of aluminum or steel blades, as the filling of rigid polyurethane foam, and without it. Roll-up doors are not used for entry into the organization in a heated room. Perhaps the use of perforated slats (rolling grilles). Separate subtype of roller doors up high-speed film gates from the canvas of "soft" PVC (see directory "Storage facilities").

Tilt-up doors are not made by us, because they have not found wide application in Siberia, mostly because of poor performance on teplosberezheniya. Of the advantages of tilt-up doors typically mark a low cost and suitability for premises with a low lintel. Of the shortcomings (in addition to high heat) - the lack of rigidity.

Opening gates are the traditional type of street gates, easily fitting into a ready-made fence. Frame and support structure are usually made of a metal, as well as elements of the cladding is used colored corrugated sheets, sandwich panels (as in the case of a sectional door, the surface of the sandwich panels can be zadekorirovana under a tree), a wooden crate or artistic forging.

Sliding gates useful for limited space near the gate. Gates themselves can have different design - with the bottom location guide rail, suspended from overhead rails, or cantilever type (suspended without top rail). The most convenient is the last of these options - it was his and the company offers. All of the above options for filling canvases swing gates can be applied to sliding.

Sometimes applied to the classification of the gate assignment: depending on the intensity and dimensions distinguish between domestic and industrial.

For everyday carry automatic gates are installed for individual use (private garages, houses, cottages). They are characterized by relatively small size (10-12 m ²) and a small number of cycles of opening and closing the day (10-15).

All other gates belong to the industrial type. Industrial doors, primarily intended for more intensive use (the conditions for storage or industrial production) and for them, tend to have large sizes (for the passage of heavy trucks). Accordingly, the gates are applied to industrial high demands, is sometimes added, and the need to work in aggressive environment.

There are other types of gates of a specific purpose, which is not covered under this classification (eg, hangar doors, folding doors "accordion" and so on).

The choice of door type depends on the specific object and the individual customer's wishes.

Installation of gates and service

The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of construction, installation and maintenance of automatic gates for all types listed. Our company is equipped with modern technical equipment, allowing to guarantee the production of automatic gates with stable quality. We also have a Service Center Support. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.

All necessary information you can get without leaving the house: on our pages for each type of gate is a description, a calculator to calculate the cost and price lists. It is easy to pick up and the necessary automation.

You can ask your question on installation gates or service osluzhivaniyu through the form in section "Consultationsor contact the manager of sales offices

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