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Road blockers


Manufacturer Automatic Systems is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of turnstiles. barriers. road blockers. automatic car parking and other access control systems and traffic control. Produced by equipment has won deserved popularity worldwide for its reliability, durability and superior quality.

Road blockers Series RSB are protivotarannye barriers to restrict vehicular movement and control of travel on sites that require heightened security measures, such as embassies, government offices, police offices, technical areas of the airports and other sensitive sites. A series of interlocks is represented by several models, the simplest of which RSB-70.
ROAD Blocker RSB-70
Road blocker RSB-70 is designed for secure lock-controlled transportation and traffic control.
Feature of this model is the possibility of its mounting on the road surface without the device special installation of underground cavities and drainage systems. At the same before and after blocker concrete ramps are arranged to pass through it. Lowered blocker would be a " speed bump " in height10 cmwith gentle slopes. In the raised state of lock is an obstacle height of 35cm. irresistible for cars and trucks mild (the force of impact to 11t).
The composition of interlocking RSB-70:
1. Steel rack enclosure
2. Removable cover with lock
3. Side door with a lock for access to the mechanism
4. Mechanism (elektrodvigatel. gear. Balancer. Clutch)
5. Obstacle in the form of a steel plate on a strong steel frame
6. Telescopic guard of steel1.5 mm
7. The drive shaft ensures smooth operation and locking in the open state
8. Block Management
9. Frame. fixed to the surface of the roadway anchor bolts. On both sides of the locker arranged inclined congresses of concrete
10. Lever for emergency opening / closing in case of power failure
Management blocker can be made: from a three-button panel (Open-Close-Stop); access control system with magnetic or contactless radio maps, via radio, from the automation system and car parks etc.
All metal parts are interlocking multi-coated and protected against corrosion. Stand. obstruction and frame are painted in bright orange (RAL2000). telescopic protective cover - white with reflective properties.

габаритно - установочные размеры дорожного блокиратора RSB-70
Overall and mounting dimensions of the road blocker RSB-70


Height of obstacles: 350 mm
The length of the obstacles: 2040mm
3-phase electric motor 0.25 kW. 950 rpm
Power supply 230/400 V 3 phase. 50/60 Hz
Consumption in standby mode, 120W. in working - 420Vt
Operating temperature -25 - +70 degrees
MTBF 1 million cycles
Net weight 280 kg
Time of opening (closing) 3

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