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Letter from the State Construction Committee of Russia dated 21.03.2002


Letter from the Russian State Construction Committee of 21.03.2002 в„– 9-28/200, the
On the requirements of state standards for window blocks and glazing
In connection with the coming into Russia Gosstroi issues of design, construction and other organizations regarding the requirements of state standards for window units and windows, management standardization, technical regulation and certification explains.
1. Condensation in the boundary zones on the inner surface of the glass in the winter of operation, usually due to the presence in their construction of an aluminum spacer and conditions of the convection gas-filled. This phenomenon is taken into account SNIP II-3-79 *, limiting the minimum temperature of the inner surface of window units 3 ° C. International standards (standards ISO, EN) also allow the temporary formation of condensation on the inner glass pane.
SNIP II-3-79 * restricts the possibility of this type of condensate indirectly, by establishing mandatory requirements for the reduced resistance of heat transfer window units. Standards for window units are not normalized condensate, as this phenomenon depends on a complex external factors: the humidity in the room (usually above 35-40%), structural features of nodes contiguity window units, a lack of convection on the inner glass (from the wide window sill, improper installation of heating appliances), etc.
In this case, GOST 24866-99 does not allow condensation inside the glass, which should be considered a significant defect that leads to a decrease in normalized performance.
2. If window units are completed Fiberglass own manufacturing, the manufacturer can label the windows label stuck on the invisible part of the operation of double-glazed window (when performing the replacement of window units), or not to label windows (for new construction). At the same time marking glass should be reflected in the designation and terms of window units specified in the passport for product design and other documentation.
3. Tests of insulation glass (GOST 24866-99) is allowed to produce along with tests of window units for this indicator.
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