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Fences and barriers

Panel fences
Panel fences are extremely popular in Europe. In recent years, is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, a professional panelnyye fences Fensys, far superior to the aesthetic qualities and durability of all the traditional construction of fences, providing a high protective properties. Perimeter protection facilities on the basis of panel fencing provides security and protection against vandalism, reliably serve a long time.
Originally recommended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the European Union for penitentiary system, panel fencing inherently has a high protective properties, which makes possible the use of panel zabov for law enforcement, perimeter fencing of places of isolation and protection of sensitive sites.
In recent years, panel fences are used in other areas: protecting the perimeter of the production facilities, office buildings, banks, recreation, protection of private property.
In proizvosdstve panel fences used to protect places of work equipment to prevent the entry of foreign objects into the working area of machine tools and industrial machines.
Panel fencing Fensys today is the ideal solution for an integrated system of perimeter fencing facilities with controls for perimeter surveillance, controlled access to the territory. At the core of an integrated perimeter security systems - prefabricated fence Fensys!
Actively growing pace of private and municipal construction and changing views on aesthetics and convenience you want to apply the most advanced design solutions in the construction field. Panel fence Fensys is currently the most technologically advanced and aesthetically acceptable solution in the fence is being built as well as ready-detached private homes, houses, group quarters, up barricades of the territory of entire neighborhoods.

Benefits fences Fensys
Dignity fences Fensys obvious even to those who already faced with the task of choosing a fence and installing it on obekte.Sredi others, experts note the following advantages Fensys:
- Ideal for fences of all types of facilities: offices, manufacturing, schools, hospitals and sports facilities;
- The service life of the protective zinc-paint the fence for 10 years before corrosion and service life of the fence any more analog, and can be compared with a lifetime of traditional capital fences;
- No need for the regular season staining the fence;
- Modern construction materials and coatings can significantly save on the maintenance of the fence during the operation;
- Fencing provides a high level of protection against penetration;
- Style is timeless. Aesthetics, modern appearance fenced facility. Complements the style of fence of the facility;
- Easy to install fencing that does not require highly skilled workers and a special tool. Easy installation and tech fence without the use of welding and other equipment.

Fences Fensys - the optimum choice
Versatility, ease of installation technology panel fencing Fensys, really reasonable prices, durability, design, aesthetics, experience suggest that a fence Fensys be the best choice in equal measure for both large industrial and warehouse businesses and yards of homes, schools, orphanages gardens, office buildings.

The construction of the fence panel
Panel fence Fensys is a set of standard elements, allowing as soon as possible with minimum installation costs, without the use of special tools to collect the fence on-site installation.
Standard equipment of the fence

The kit includes a fence:

1 - Panel: Width 2,5 m, 4,5 mm diameter rod;
2 - Post: 60h60 shaped tubes, the wall thickness of 2 mm in height from 1 to 2,9 m (depending on the height of fencing);
3 - Set of mounting clips;
4 - Komplet spacing of nails;
5 - plug in the column.

Assembly of the fence
Montage consists of 7 consecutive steps. Detail the assembly of the fence described in the section of the fence panel mount technology. Here we note that a metal panel fence, presses to post a set of clips. Plastic Clips (3) are inserted into holes (6) column (2). Clips are anchoring petals that wedging in column (7) with spacing of nails (4).
Top of the hollow pillar protects from the effects of precipitation plastic cap column (5).
The standard fence posts are available (2) for concrete (install the fence into the ground). To install a fence on a concrete foundation used Special posts with pads for anchoring (8).
For the installation of fences with barbed wire is used "L" - shaped poles (9). For mounting on a fence safety barrier used spiral pillars "Y" - shaped.
Design provides FENSYS (expected to be available in 2009), if necessary, retrofit a previously installed a fence with additional elements for installation of barbed wire, or spiral security barrier (10).

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