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Steel Door

The company "Mirograd offers steel doors, household products, technical and fire produced by the City of Masters." steel door household use are standard models and models with individual assembly. Doors are standard models, "Optima and Optima Present". The complete set of door models include a standard set of accessories: one or two locks Kale, bronenakladki Kale, cylinder Kale, handle, latch, a panoramic eye. Exterior trim door standard is presented in color copper, interior - smooth decorative MDF board, imitating precious wood veneer (color of alder). These models are readily available from stock in several sizes and left or right side opening, which will allow you to install the door within 3 days from the date of payment. Doors individual assembly does not limit you to the freedom of choice. Manufactured according to individual sizes and are equipped with locks of the leading Russian and European manufacturers. Many variants of the polymer coating, a variety of texture and color solutions. On the exterior sheet steel doors can be decorated with paneled drawing, armored glazed elements of forging a perforated pattern. From inside the door leaf can be of steel with polymer coating, or with decorative MDF panels of laminated PVC film. Doors standard and individual assembly made them cold steel 1,5-2mm are complex box and 2 units seal.
Fire doors are certified, with a limit of 60 minutes fire resistance. Along the perimeter of the inside of the box is a special termouplotnyayuschayasya tape. In the normal state of its thickness does not exceed 3 mm, with heating tape, this expands to more than 15 times, providing a complete seal between the box and the canvas, preventing the penetration of smoke and corrosive substances. Inside the door is a sheet of drywall and a special non-flammable insulating material. Standard equipment includes fire door lock "Ritka" with cylinder and rods. Traction work on the handle. Standard color of the polymer coating RAL 7035. Additionally, fire doors can be equipped with lock and key "panic", closers, fire-glazed windows. Fire doors are represented by two manufacturers: "City of the Masters" (Novosibirsk) and DoorHan (Moscow).
Technical doors are installed in cases where their design is not important, but to the protected premises is not increased demands for protection from unauthorized access. Typically, the door for technical purposes are used as input in the back door, industrial, warehouse and residential buildings, equip them with emergency exits, entrances to the attics and cellars. Technical doors are made of steel 1mm with two circuits are equipped with a lock and seal the cylindrical type and lever handle. On top of the doors are always technical "dead end", the side frames of 20mm. Do not have ribs.


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