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System finishes the window openings

The company "Mirograd pays much attention to, and quality finishing materials. System of finishing slopes and sills not only adds to the established window, aesthetically finished appearance, but also perfectly in color and texture of the material. Direct exposure to sunlight, moisture and temperature changes does not lead to deformation and cracking.
System finishes the window openingsCreated five years ago on the basis of "Mirograd" warehouse PVC window-decoration and is today one of the largest in Novosibirsk: Supplies products in the hundreds of thousand meters and has dozens of titles.

The system finishes slopesDeceuninck (Belgium) consists of five elements: the starting profile - finishing system attaches to the frame; panel slope in two sizes: 180 and 250 mm - the main part of the system; expansive panel in two sizes: 100 and 250 mm - is the additional elements for a large deep repose; clypeus - a decorative removable element, framing the perimeter of the window opening, U-shaped profile - fix corner joints. By the principle of design all the components are mutually compatible mounting grooves, which excludes the use of screws and glue in conjunction with each other.

SillsMöller (Germany), width from 200 to 600 mm, composed of a dense core and extruded in a special way of wood-plastic material. Have high-quality melamine surface.

SillsWerzalit (Germany), width from 300 mm to 600 mm are manufactured using a patented polymerization shredded wood chips, and have five layers of protective coating. Window sills have unique technical and operational characteristics: high moisture and heat resistance, resistance to chemicals, high rigidity.

In addition to product import manufacturers, the company Mirograd offers a finish of the Russian manufacturers: a system of slopes "
Deco-plus"sills"Reas. Their main advantage is high efficiency while maintaining compliant operating properties.

External (outdoor) finishing the window openings is a wide range of different profiles (parts) and zinc (including polymeric) window tint.

Cost Sill.

Cost systems furnish window slopes.

The cost of exterior windows.



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