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Rolling System

Rolling system today - it's aluminum rolling shutters and rolvorota of steel profile.
Worldwide spread, the term "roller". In Russia, it adapted, adding familiar to us "shutters."

Shutters - The best solution for protecting windows and storefronts from adverse weather conditions, cracking and prying eyes. In addition to protecting the windows, they are used as internal partitions in stores and warehouses, closed the shop windows, shopping halls, serve as additional protection of doors.

Rolvorota - A modern system of registration of the opening as a garage or street gate. The main advantage rolvorot - you can have almost any opening. And you want to install rolvorot and their normal functioning (opening / closing), the minimal space of the room. They can be installed in a small, private garage, and at a large warehouse. The width size steel section can reach 8m in height - 6m.

Shutter system consists of a lamella (aluminum or steel profiles). Lamella can be either a roller rolling with the filling of polyurethane foam, and extrusion. Rolling aluminum profile combines a fairly high strength and low weight, while the extruded profile has increased strength due to the greater wall thickness and the presence of transverse ribs.

Profiles used for the production of aluminum - lightweight, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly material. Polyurethane penonapolnitel does not contain freon, and paint, which is covered by the profiles do not contain any harmful impurities.
Strength characteristics of aluminum alloys perfectly preserved at low temperatures. Even after many years of use shutters look like new with reliable polymer coating.

Rolling system decorate the building and serve as a kind of design element, demonstrating a high social status and impeccable taste of the owner. Standard colors are white and brown. Individual color scheme is also possible. Extruded profile can be painted in more than 180 colors with RAL. Possible options for combining different colors roller profiles and frames paintings, creating original color solutions that emphasize the character of your building and set it apart from other houses.
Rolling systems do not require special care, easy to clean and wash. They work flawlessly for years.
The company "Mirograd offers a wide range of profiles rolling systems. Our managers are ready to provide you with the necessary technical information and assist in the selection.
The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of construction, installation and service of rolling systems of all types listed. Our company is equipped with modern technical equipment, allowing to guarantee the production of roller shutters with stable quality. We also have a Service Center Support. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.
You can ask your question on installation gates or service osluzhivaniyu through the form in section "Consultationsor contact the manager sales offices


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