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Automatic doors

The company "Mirograd is the official representative of a transnational manufacturer of automatic door systems FAAC. FAAC company engaged in manufacturing automation systems, security systems and access control systems since 1965. Center of the company and the parent plant is located in Bologna, Italy, the production of electronics is organized in g.Dublin, Ireland - FAAC Electronics. In addition FAAC Group comprises four research centers - hydraulics, digital electronics, radio electronics and electromechanics and 4 plants located in Europe. The company's policy FAAC - strict control of the whole process from design to production, so all components are manufactured at the company and undergo rigorous testing.
 The most widely used automatic sliding doors, are essential for places with high traffic. In addition to convenience for visitors to the wide dissemination of these doors can be attributed to their positive impact on the image of the object in which they are installed. To create a comfortable temperature in a room set double design, with a vestibule.
Automatic doors are elegantly designed, multi-functionality, simplicity and reliability in operation. There are different finishes: anodized aluminum or painted on a scale of RAL.
Control unit controls operation of doors and provide comfort and safety. It is possible to adjust the distance from the object when you open the glass doors, adjust the speed of the valves, the delay time in the open position. Significant facilities create additional modes - winter, with a reduced width opening of wings or "only way out", used before closing the stores. Automatic sliding glass doors allow you to save storage space of the room.
Specifications sliding drives fully comply with modern requirements: opening speed of the two wings - up to 1,4 m / s, the total weight of the door - up to 140 kilograms, the width of passage - to 3 m. The actuators are equipped with emergency batteries that allow the door to work for some time with the loss of supply voltage.
Automatic doors FAAC in particular are installed in airports in Europe and America (Heathrow (London), Charles De Gaule (Paris), Barajas (Madrid), Arlanda (Stocholm). In the commercial center (IKEA (Stocholm, Jonkoping), Mark & Spencer (London), Carrefour (Milan, Rome, Turin, Paris, Lion, Madrid), Castorama (Rome, Milan, Bologna).'s factories Rolls Royse Plant (England), Ferrari Plant (Italy).
What about the quality and reliability of this automation, it said the same thing and certification testing center "NEMKO" (International Institute for Certification) for 2 million cycles of continuous operation at maximum load and without any interventions, settings and adjustments.
The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of construction, installation and maintenance of automatic doors of all these types. We also have a service support center. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.
You can ask your question on installation gates or service osluzhivaniyu through the form in section "Consultationsor contact the manager sales offices.


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