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Transhipment Systems

By reloading system involves handling equipment, such as a dock platform (levelers), dock doorway (dock shelters), mechanical folding and portable bridges, mobile ramps, lift tables, strip curtains, film gates, and complex equipment to optimize the handling of transshipment vestibules.
Versatility of modern technology allows the movement of goods to optimize the parameters of the material flow at the site warehouse - the vehicle. Correctly chosen materials-handling equipment can significantly increase productivity in the warehouse, to minimize the likelihood of damage to the goods, the level of injury, and thereby improve the efficiency of the warehouse.
The company "Mirograd" recommends the use of special equipment to create a loading and unloading system. The main problem that solves such a system is to overcome the difference between the two levels of transhipment platforms warehouse floor and the body a parked car.
In addition, the use of cargo handling systems can be implemented and a number of other equally important requirements and functions:
• increase the speed of handling.
• Reduce heat loss inside the warehouse.
• exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to cargo in its processing.
• reduce the costs associated with damage to the cargo trans-shipment, including the  
      the impact of adverse climatic conditions.
• improve the safety, comfort and staff efficiency.
The company "Mirograd produces professional installation and commissioning a wide range of cargo handling systems are marketed under the brand DockHan:
levellers (levelers);
dock doorway (dock shelters);
folding and portable bridges;
mobile ramps;
lift tables;
reloading lobbies;
strip curtains and film gates.
Deciding factor in choosing those components and system design in general are the characteristics of goods: their size, shape, material and quantity, requirements for temperature settings inside and outside; available auxiliary equipment for the movement of goods, the difference in the sizes of vehicles, you want to load or unload their number, the total volume of cargo handling.
Use of equipment DockHan reduces travel time of cargo from truck to warehouse and back to a minimum. Much attention is paid to ensuring the safe operation of maintenance personnel and safety goods. In this case, the price of manufactured in Russia, specialized handling equipment DockHan significantly lower than in the dock opening, reloading lobbies, dock levellers and other handling equipment manufactured in Europe.
Apart from the above ground equipment with a wide selection of accessories:
• Guide for wheels. Provide fast and accurate parking of the car at the specified location. Represent the pipe tapped for mounting and installed on the ground in front of the dock opening.
• Rubber bumpers protect the facades of buildings. They are made of strong technical rubber. Produced both stationary and mobile rubber bumpers.
• Burning column, preventing damage to the corner posts in the event of a collision forklift.
• Frame for concreting. Ensures proper installation of leveler. Manufactured strictly in accordance with the mounting dimensions of the platform.
All reloading systems DockHan certified. Complete reloading and lifting systems comply with the TU-3176-001-18897806-2005. Combined gate, opening film, high-speed roll, film correspond to hangings TU 5284-001-51945392-02.
Installation and servicing
The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of construction, installation and maintenance of reloading systems of all types listed. We also have a service support center. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.


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