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Access systems

Company "Mirograd offers a wide range of automatic gates, automatic chain barriers antiparkovochnyh modules and other devices to restrict access of vehicles.
Automatic barriers are an invariable attribute of a modern city and used to control and automate the entry and exit to the car parking area businesses and organizations, shopping centers, etc. Ease of operation, optimum performance, compact size - all this makes automatic barriers essential for operational control flow of vehicles.
The company "Mirograd offers a wide range of high-tech automatic gates from the most famous Italian and Russian producers BENINCA, FAAC, CAME and DoorHan with jib length from 2.5 to 12 meters, with the possibility of heavy use.
Automatic chain barriers used to restrict access to private and public parking. The maximum width of blocked travel 16 meters. Design Chain barriers harmoniously with any architectural environment. Models are available with low-voltage motors.
Reinforced protivotarannye barriers hydraulic type - are designed to control the passages on the objects, requiring compliance with heightened security measures: military bases, embassies, sensitive sites.
Trip blorkiratory electromechanical type in the form of rising barriers. When closed, the lock is a "speed bump" height of 100 mm, lifting height of an obstacle is 350 mm. Frontal impact resistance of 3 to 20 tons.
Electromechanical poles - blockers in the form of retractable top columns. Pillars have a reflector coating and the luminescent elements. Management interlocks implemented as well as any other automatics, from access control system or remotely over the air. Frontal impact resistance up to 5 tons.
Antiparkovochnye barriers are used to backup individual parking spaces, and further protect parked vehicles. The company "Mirograd offers high-tech automatic antiparkovochnye barriers UNIPARK (Italy) and svehnadezhnye antiparkovochnye mechanical barriers" Hitch "(Russia).
Installation and servicing
The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of installation and maintenance of systems to restrict access of all these types. We also have a service support center. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.
You can ask your question on installation gates or service osluzhivaniyu through the form in section "Consultationsor contact the manager sales offices


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