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Automation for gates

The company "Mirograd offers automation for gates of various types. This may be sectional, sliding or swing gates (the gate). Depending on the intensity of loading and conditions of our specialists will select the most appropriate type and model of drive.
It is the automatic transmission gates provide all the basic benefits of their work: the ability to remotely control the speed of opening and closing, the ability to stop when it detects obstacles and much more.
A wide range of automation offered by us is able to satisfy all the demands of consumers. The company "Mirograd" works only with time-tested automation leading manufacturers: BENINCA, FAAC, CAME and DoorHan. Durable and quiet, with protection against environmental influences, and can select various functions and options work, these drives will make your life comfortable.
The company "Mirograd offers a wide range of automation for sectional garage doors: in stock is constantly axial and ceiling drives 12 models, each of which represented dozens of copies. For swing and sliding gates are also available a wide range of drives - dozens of copies of each of which at least 15 models.
The choice depends on the design of the gate, the size and intensity of use.
In addition to the drive with a control unit for gate automation offers a comprehensive range of accessories: key chains, transmitters, kodonabornye keypad locks, solar cells, signal lamps, the mechanisms of the unlock card backup, etc.
The company "Mirograd offers a complete solution - Automatic + gate, and automate existing gates.
The company "Mirograd" provides a full range of installation and service of automated gates for all the listed types. We also have a
Service Center Support. We have all necessary licenses, certificates and work permits.
You can ask your question on installation gates or service osluzhivaniyu through the form in section "
Consultationsor contact the manager sales offices


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