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Plastic windows

Here you can buy new windows at very competitive prices - we offer a luxury purchase new windows for the price of regular! The company "Mirograd strives to do everything to your satisfaction. Perhaps that is why every second customer comes to us on the recommendation of their friends and relatives. Discount card that is issued when placing our first order gives the right to an additional 3 percent discount when you make your next order. In addition you your discount card to obtain discounts can benefit your family and friends.  

For you are always free: advice of experienced professionals on a site, a sales office in Novosibirsk.

Our company has 10 years experience in installation and maintenance of structures made of PVC. Proper installation of windows - is the key to their long, high-quality service. Entrust installation of PVC windows to our experts, you'll save time and money. Installation of PVC windows by experienced teams of highly qualified installers, work is done quickly, efficiently and at a convenient time for you to European technology standards.  

 Five reasons why it is recommended to put plastic windows.   

 Plastic window - an important element of the modern home, providing comfortable living conditions through natural light and heat protection of its premises. Plus, good sound insulation properties, protection against hacking. But most importantly, easy to wash, no need to paint and repair. Research for over 25 years showed that the cost of caring for wooden windows by nearly 1800% higher than in the care of PVC windows.

 It is not surprising that in the short term, new windows had to take strong positions on the market, significantly surpassing wooden window frames, aluminum products. High protection from the cold winter, the heat in summer (Multi-structure profile and the glass, as well as the contours of the gaskets). High protection from street noise (different thickness of glass and spacers, and sealed glass). High protection against burglary, fire, flood (Rigid box Fastening). Absolutely harmless to human body (PVC - a synthetic polymer - is made from natural materials: salt, oil). The absolute simplicity of Nursing (dirt on the glossy smooth surface is easily removed household cleaners). New windows, offered by "Mirograd, even in standard, ie without additional financial cost to the customer, fully satisfy the territorial construction standards. They are perfectly adapted to the harsh Siberian climate.

For the most complete customer satisfaction, we offer products made from the most popular German profile systems - VEKA. PVC profile systems include a wide range of window and door profiles, which correspond to the regional construction standards for heat and sound insulation. Increased security products is achieved using the anti-burglary hardware manufacturer MACO (Austria).

Plastic windows


 Name Economy Classic Optima Comfort Bridal
 Width, mm  58  58  70  70  104
 Number of Cameras  3  3  4  5  5
 The thickness of the chamber 2 s / n, mm  31 31 40 40 44
 Reduced coefficient of heat transfer resistance of the finished product  0,56 0,56  0,58   0,64 1,34 
 The thickness of the outer wall, mm  3  3
Accessories ENDOW (Turkey)  MACO (Austria)   MACO (Austria)  MACO (Austria)   MACO (Austria)  
 Color sealing rubber  black  black black Black / Grey  gray 
 Reinforcing profile          
 The ability to install a parallel-sliding hardware  - - -  +  -
 Possibility of masking Profile  -  + -


 Nizkoemisionnoe heat-saving glass Planibel Top N.

Nizkoemisionnoe heat-saving glass Planibel Top N is a polished glass on which the method of vacuum evaporation deposited multilayer selective coating of metal oxide and silver. The product was specifically designed for use in insulating glass units with higher rates teplosberezheniya and light transmission. Is a barrier to heat flow (in the infrared range), the glass like a mirror, can reflect back more than 90% of thermal energy from wherever it may come from, protecting the room from overheating in summer and winter - from hypothermia.

So, if the reduced resistance to heat the two-chamber filled with argon insulating glass (36 mm) with ordinary glass is equal to 0.52 m2h0S/Vt, the reduced thermal resistance of the same glass with heat-saving glass Planibel Top N is already 0.68 m2.0C / W ie 30% higher!

 Plastic distance frame Thermix.

Plastic distance frame Thermix for glass with thermally separated boundary area. Provides a target size mezhstekolnyh air chambers, and contains within itself the absorbent - a substance that absorbs moisture in the air mezhstekolnyh cells.

Until recently, the production of glass was used only metal (aluminum) distance frame. High thermal conductivity of aluminum leads to a thermal bridge in the marginal area glazing. This, in turn, leads to condensation and mold on the edges of the window, lower hygienic characteristics and heat loss.

Thermal bridge, in the marginal area glass, is not considered in the marking of heat transfer coefficient of glass, this figure refers to the central part of the glass.

New building technologies, the requirements for energy-saving, hygienic criteria require a more careful calculation of the coefficient of heat transfer. Due to increasing demands on thermal insulation properties of building elements, thermal bridges are not considered previously, is receiving more attention. In this regard, a draft European standard EN 10077 provides for the inclusion of the thermal bridge in the calculation of the thermal conductivity of the window.

Remote frame Thermix made of plastic containing a diffusion barrier with the thinnest (0.1 mm) layer of stainless steel and prevents the formation of thermal bridges in the edge region glazing and condensation on the edges of the glass, and, accordingly, reduces heat loss.

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0.19 W / (mh0S)

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